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Anti Allergic Antihistamines

Anti allergic astihistamines are the medications used to treat rhinitis and allergies. These are suitable for different types of allergies, such as runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes/nose, cough with mucus/cough due to smoking etc. Anti allergic astihistamines consists of composition of various drugs like terbutaline, ambroxol, menthol,  guaiphenesin which helps to cure different lung problems like asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and pulmonary disease. It is recommended not to use these drugs without doctors prescription. These drugs are available in different forms like tablet and  syrup. The tablets are blistered packaged, while the syrups are packaged in bottles.
Product Image (CUF_LV)

Levodropropizine 30mg CPM 2mg Syp

Price: 120 INR/Bottle

Levodropropizine 30mg + CPM 2mg Syrup - used in the treatment of dry cough. It helps to reduce cough associated with allergies by blocking the effects of a chemical messenger.

Product Image (MK)

Levocetirizine Montelukast

Price: 95 INR/Box

Levocetirizine 2.5mg & Montelukast 4mg

Product Image (Deflazacort tablet)

Deflazacort Tablet

Price: 135 INR/Unit
  • Delivery Time:3-10 Days
  • Supply Ability:10000 Per Day
  • Recommended For:Everyone
  • Function:Other
  • Dosage:As per Dorection of Doctor
  • Ingredients:Deflazacort IP
  • Physical Form:Tablets
  • Drug Type:Generic Drugs
  • Storage Instructions:Normal
  • Quantity:1000 Unit
Product Image (Meclev-MF Tab)

Fexofenadine 120 mg And Montelukast 10 mg Tab

Price: 155 INR/Pack

Fexofenadine 120mg & Monteleukast 10 mg Tab

Product Image (Dexroni)

Dextro syrup

Price: 90 INR/Piece

Dextro.HBr.10mg+C.P.M.2mg+Phenylephrine 5mg Sugar Free

Product Image (CUFRONI Syp)

Ambroxol Terbutaline Cough Syrup

Price: 90 INR/Pack

Ambroxol 15mg, Guaiphenesin 50mg, Terbu 1.25mg , Menthol Syp.

Product Image (ELRIDE-MK )

Levocetirizine 5 mg Monteleukast 10 mg Tab.

Price: 120 INR
  • Formulations Form:Tablets
  • Formulations Type:General Drugs
  • Storage Instructions:other
  • Supply Ability:500 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:4-5 Days
Product Image (DIO COLD)

Levocetrizine2.5mg.+Para 325+Phenylephrine 10mg+Caffine30mg

Price: 65 INR

DIO COLD TAB. Levocetrizine 5mg.+Para 325+Phenylephrine 10mg+Caffine25mg


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